Legion of the Black a New Revolution?


Receiving 7.7 stars on IMDb

Black Veil Brides…the latest controversial band in the current music climate. They are a band that either make your blood boil, or cause excitement to soar through your veins. Unless you are someone who has been living with their head in the sand for the past 4 years and haven’t a clue who I’m talking about.

For those who are clueless, or lack knowledge on this particular band here is a brief over view of them:
The Quintet are fronted by Andy Biersack, a music driven performer who will stop at nothing until his band is the biggest worldwide. Combined with the epic guitar solos of Jake Pitts and Jinxx, the powerful bass lines of Ashley Purdy and the ‘crazy’ drumming of Christian ‘CC’ Coma. Currently they have won 3 K! awards alone; for Best International New Comer (2011) Best Album for “Set the World on Fire” (2012), and now Best Live Band (2013). As well as countless others. When beginning their career their style was an Alice Cooper/KISS style, with the heavy mix of glam rock and alternative metal. However, as their career has flourished, their look has adapted and altered to the hard rock appearance they have taken today.

Through establishing their new outlook on their musical careers, the group’s latest works, “Wretched and Divine – The Story of the Wild Ones” has the new rock opera ambiance, in which old influences remain evident with a new identity twisted into the mix. To further add to their identification, Black Veil Brides have recently created a ‘movie’ to compliment their new album.
Although the piece is not a movie per say, but more of an extended music video which follows the life of Eve Black (played by Alicia Vigil) and how she is outcasted by her family and sent away for being “different”. Whilst, Eve’s stories unveils the audience are exposed to the malevolent F.E.A.R (conducted by William Francis) and the ever long battle with the Wild Ones, lead by the members of Black Veil Brides themselves.
Yet, a sense of ambiguity is formed when the ‘movie’ concludes with F.E.A.R arising. This could suggest a sequel, and perhaps sheds light on the bands future projects.

My opinion on the project?
Personally, a critic cannot deny the creativity and uniqueness of Black Veil Brides intentions. The album is enhanced through the visual imagery. Creating a powerful and emotional sequence that has stole the hearts of their already faithful fans. Of course, those who despise the band have further ammunition against them, if they see it that way. Although, from my perspective, their latest project has strengthened their individuality and pushed their creative boundaries to a new level.
We can expect great things from Black Veil Brides, this is a ripple in the evolution of their musical career. Simply a stone throw before the avalanche occurs.

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