Revelation of the Relapse Rebels

Standby Records have adopted another member into their ever growing family…their name?
The Relapse Symphony.

With the combined talents of:

The quintet have been together for little over a year, and have already been sighted by the hidden eyes of record labels – as well as keeping unique and intimate relationships with their current and expanding fan base. One thing I, and many others, praise The Relapse Symphony on is how they maintain these stable relationships, without becoming starstruck. However, the members of The Relapse Symphony have high expectations of themselves, with a new album soon making an appearance in the rock and roll history books.  

JC Charles
Photo By: Unknown

With their recent music video, EP and upcoming tour with Blood on the Dance Floor, JC Charles managed to find some time to answer my endless list of questions…
But that’s enough of an introduction I think.
So let’s get on with it shall we?

First of all how did you all meet?

JC: We all had been going to the same shows for years and sort of knew each other through that. I have known Alex the longest, we’ve played in bands together for a while. Everyone brought another member in. Alex knew Bret, Bret knew Tyler, Tyler knew Brandon. 
Of all instruments to choose, JC why the guitar?
JC: I was always most attracted to the guitar. I grew up watching people like Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom Delonge do their thing, and I always just wanted to be like my favorite members of the bands I liked, they just happened to always be the guitarists. 
Who are your biggest musical influences and how did they shape you into who you are today? 
JC: As a band we all have some very similar influences, and some very different ones. I’m sort of the punk rock, pop punk, and pop music guy. Alex is an unapologetic metalhead. Bret listens to a lot of 70’s glam, as well as a lot of punk rock. Tyler is really into 80’s metal, and also bands like Avenged Sevenfold. Brandon is really into darker bands like The Murderdolls and AFI. 
Personally, what is the biggest accomplishment of TRS so far?
JC: Things have been happening very steadily for us. It seems like every month there is a new little success that we can all get stoked about. For me, my pinch me moment was seeing our shirts in Hot Topic. I have been going there since I was 10 or 11 and to see my band’s merch in the store was a dream come true. 
What excites you most about the evolution of TRS? E.g. Tours, fans etc.
JC: We are all really excited for this upcoming tour with Blood on the Dance Floor. It’s going to put us in front of a huge audience, many of whom have never heard of us before. It’ll be a great opportunity for growth. I’m also really stoked for everyone to hear our new songs!
Several of you have said that you were the outcasts in school, the ones treated differently. What would you say to those who are still in the position today?
JC: We get asked this question a lot by fans. It’s really hard to give advice to someone when you don’t know them personally or fully understand their exact situation. I can only speak from experience. Music saved my life. I would say try to find friends, or even one friend, with common interests as you. Be each others support and go out to shows or whatever it is you like. School isn’t your whole life, and it’s over faster than you think. Just stay strong and stay positive. 
Your connections and your relationships with your fans are admirable. What the most remarkable thing you’ve heard from a fan? Something that will always stay with you?
JC: Anytime someone tells me our music helped them through a hard time, we don’t take that for granted.
Every band gets asked this question at least once in their musical careers…why should you be an exception aye?…but what advice would you give someone in a band/starting a band right now?
JC: Write a song every single day. Even if you don’t think it’s sounding that great at first, it will get better. Just keep writing and focus on good songs. There are so many bands out there today and it can be hard to compete and get noticed, but good music speaks for itself. 
Your lasted EP consists of 5 songs, which is your favourite/more fun to record and why? And which is your favourite to play live?
JC: I honestly can’t choose a favorite, they are all my babies. I do really enjoy playing “Panic!” live, though. The crowd always goes crazy. 
What was the highlight and backstage/behinds the camera like of creating your music video for Panic! (Times running out?)
JC: The highlight was finishing it! We filmed that outside in the middle of Winter and we were all really sick. I think once the sun went down, and with the wind chill, it got down to 14 degrees. It took us all about a week to recover from that shoot.
The song “Make Your Move” reminds me of last summer, out of your songs this was the one I heard first and has a great impact on me. What song(s) you listened to as a teen left its mark on you and why?
JC: Thanks for that! Umm…that’s a tough one. The first thing that comes to mind is “Roots Radicals” by the band Rancid. I remember being in the backseat of my older Cousin’s friend’s car driving around in the Summertime. I thought I was cool because I was only like 11 but I was hanging out with these 16 year old. They were blasting that song and it blew me away. I had to know who it was and I went out and bought all their stuff. Whenever I hear that song I feel like that young kid again, just discovering music and real life for the first time. 
If you could write a song with any artist who would it be and why?
JC: I would love to work with Tim Armstrong from Rancid, or as weird as this may sound, Taylor Swift. I think Taylor is a very underrated songwriter. Whether you like her music or not, she knows how to craft a melody and build a storyline. I think I could learn a lot from her. 
Describe your tour with Black Veil Brides in 5 words. 
JC: Inspiring, Loud, Whiskey, Educational, Friendship
Which countries are you looking forward most to tour in and why?
JC: I want to see the UK so bad! I hear they love Rock music and we seem to have a pretty strong fan base there. I would also just love to hang out there and check it all out.
And finally, what does the future have in store for TRS? And what bands would you like to tour with?
JC: A full length record dropping at the end of Summer, a full US tour with Blood on the Dance Floor in the Fall, and hopefully lots more after that! I would love to go out with Black Veil Brides again. I think we all want to tour with My Chemical Romance if they ever get back together. Honestly, we’ll tour with anyone. As long as we are getting our music out there to a new audience, we’re in!

With this attitude, determination and talent nothing can stand in their way. Great things are expected for each member of The Relapse Symphony, and I’ll be there to witness it all…will you?


“Time’s Running Out” EP
Available on iTunes

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