Halestorm/Shinedown/Alter Bridge Review

England…home to some of the most inspirational musicians in the world…from the 1960’s ‘The Beatles’, to the punk rebellion of the Sex Pistols and The Clash. 

This story takes place in one of the greatest cities that music flourishes…London. And what awaits the evening of October 18th? A gig that should more be regarded as a mini festival that simply “support acts followed by the main”- Halestorm…Shinedown…Alterbridge prepare to play their sold out show at Wembley Arena.

Taken From: Metal Hanger
Left to Right: Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith,
Lzzy Hale, Arejay Hale

Halestorm kick start the night with “Love Bites”, already Lzzy Hale is show casing her extraordinary voice, as her powerful vocals wake the dozing crowd. Despite her chose of footwear, Hale does not let her heels stop her rocking hard with Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith, and her brother Arejay. Halestorm’s continuous energy projected onto the crowd throughout their entire set, however ended their night with their new single “Here’s To Us”. Although not their most lively song, it still had the audience captivated with a buzz that remained long after they left.

Their setlist consisted of:

  1. Love Bites
  2. Mz Hyde
  3. Freak Like Me
  4. Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)
  5. Miss The Misery
  6. Here’s To Us
Arejay’s own drum interlude did not fail to impress the crowd he was entertaining. From insane drumming, combined with his own little work out session, to audience interaction. This is one drummer that refuses to sit quietly at the back, instead possesses the correct qualities that give him that slight edge – and definitely has all the energy every great drummer has in order to create that rock personality needed!
The band certainly came across as a connected unit that suggests that their future is a strong one. As well being musically gifted, the band will soon return to the UK…this time filling that Arena on a headlining tour!
Left to Right: Zach Myrers, Brent Smith, Eric Bass
and Barry Kerch

Just fifteen minutes later Shinedown dominate the stage like it’s their rightful home; however their choice of attire and continuous supply of roses suggested the evening was more like an intimate gathering that a rock show – although still managed to get the audience on their feet within the first few minutes. Brent Smith’s equally as powerful voice subjected the crowd into a series of united voices and radical mosh pits. Once again the band moved as a unit, playing off each others strengths and energy to create the show of a life time. Unlike most bands, Brent Smith reminded his crowd…his people…that they are not alone in this world, that “rock and roll is not a genre…but a way of life” His moving speech definitely made the crowd listen and think about the place they were, think about the meaning behind the music they were listening to…and how the bands we idolise are just as human as we are.

  1. Devour
  2. Sound of Madness
  3. Enemies
  4. Unity
  5. I’ll Follow You
  6. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
  7. If You Only Knew
  8. Second Chance
  9. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
  10. Bully
Left to Right: Scott Phillips, Mark Tremonti,
Myles Kennedy and Brian Marshall



Now…time for the main act…following Shinedown’s hour long set Alter Bridge take the stage. This is who the crowd have been waiting for.

I’ll admit, seeing Alter Bridge for the first time I had my expectations…in which towards the end of their set they met nicely. Despite their slow start, the band began to feed off the crowd’s energy…weaving it into their own set. 
Their main goal tonight was to show the world how epic their new album “Fortress” is…however managed to slip in enough classic songs to keep their long term fans satisfied.
Just 30 minutes after Shinedown, Alter Bridge took their stage and didn’t leave their fans disappointed…instead hungry for more. Personally, I found through breaking their set up with “Watch Over You”, Alter Bridge both allowed the crowd to recuperate from their exhausting moshing sessions, as well as indulge on the delights of an acoustic guitar. 
  1. Addicted to Pain
  2. White Knuckles
  3. Come to Life
  4. Before Tomorrow Comes
  5. Farther Than the Sun
  6. Brand New Start
  7. Cry of Achilles
  8. Ghost of Days Gone By
  9. The Uninvited
  10. Ties That Bind
  11. Broken wings
  12. Metalingus
  13. Blackbird
  14. Watch Over You (acoustic)
  15. Rise Today
  16. Open Your Eyes


  1. Slip to the Void
  2. Isolation

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