Madina Diary

Sunday…the Sabbath day…a day originally set aside for reflection and religion. However, as people go about their weekly Sunday rituals, I am visiting my own church…celebrate my own faith…a faith where music dominates and guides.
As usual the British weather never fails to surprise me…it may have been pouring down with rain, but nothing will dampen that day.
The Boiler Room
Madina Lake gradually cross off the days on their calendar leading up to their last show in England, which will take place in “The Garage”, London, October 23rd.  But today, October 20th, will be amazing; Guildford’s “The Boiler Room” can fit in 100 people at most, that’s with the crowd becoming more like a tin of sardines. Immediately everyone knows that tonight will be more of an intimate farewell between friends, rather a crazy, unknown night between strangers; thus adding to the emotion and strengthening their ties with their fans.
I had the privilege of meeting the Leone twins, Nathan and Matthew, hours before their show commenced. To say that I was excited to see them would be an understatement, but I made sure to save my “fan girling” until after they left…I didn’t want to get the ”crazy girl” reputation immediately! (And let’s get this clear…I wasn’t stalking them I promise! It was complete coincidence! Who wouldn’t go and say hello one of their biggest idols?!) The boys were friendly and genuinely happy to see a fan already…and compared to same bands…were willing to talk and take photographs etc. During our little chat, both Nathan and Matthew talked about how they will miss the UK and how the tour is coming to an end too fast…as well as being involved in their brotherly banter.
After parting ways the heavens decided to open once again, attempting to wash away my now permanently fixed smile…a task which was pretty much impossible! Roaming around the high street in search for food and a hot drink soon became a dull task, and once achieved I bee lined for the venue…after all…queuing for hours is part of the experience…something that always pays off in the end. In which it started to pay off instantly, upon arriving I was lucky to meet Kier Kemp (lead vocals and guitarist for Fearless Vampire Killers); there is a definite difference between the English front man compared to American…the English being more reserved …which is neither a better nor worse trait…but then again he might have just been surprised to see a fan so early! Either way, he was still as gracious and took the time to speak with me.
The Super Happy Fun Club
Photo from:
Okay…fast-forwarding past the ease dropping on sound check and Mateo’s continuous popping up at the window to the gig itself…The Super Happy Fun Club opened the night…seeing as they tour with Madina almost every time it made sense for them to be part of the grand sending off. Their set definitely woke up the crowd, who had been standing for hours in the cold and wet weather…well…some of them…their pop rock sound definitely created the right ambiance to get the crowds hearts racing and ready for the penultimate band – Fearless Vampire Killers. 

Although the band experienced numerous technical difficulties during their set, they were never once fazed! Even when Laurence and Drew had to share a microphone, they still managed to make a game out of it, making the crowd enjoy the show even more. As each song progressed into each other the crowd

Fearless Vampire Killers
Photo Taken From:

became more and more involved, becoming completely helpless to the music itself. Each member of the band took their role on stage very seriously, these roles are what make Fearless Vampire Killers that slight more unique; for instance as I previously stated Kier was very humble and more reserved upon meeting him before, however when he came on stage he instantly stole the role of the front man, easily influencing the crowd he was in front of. Similarly, Drew was kind enough to have a small conversation with a couple of us at the barrier whilst he set up, but as soon as the lights went up and the music started playing all hell broke loose…essentially. Personally, I found this amazing as the band became performers, not simply musicians, you could clearly see that their goal was not only to have good time themselves, but make it a memorable, remarkable night for their audience.

Left to Right: Fearless Vampire Killers Set List, Madina Lake’s Set List
Fearless Vampire Killers left a buzz in the audience that refused to vacate; excitement escalated ten-fold. The crowd was forced to wait in anticipation for the band that most had come to see…Madina Lake. After what seemed like hours, the lights went out and “The Auspice” began to play…causing the crowd to become silent. Here Madina Lake take their places for the first and last time under this roof. Instantly the crowd is electrified by their idols, causing a current to pass through every member of the audience. I can safely say that this is oneof the best gigs I have been to! As within the opening half an hour Matthew handed me his bass pick, whether he recognised me from earlier or not, it was definitely the best thing that happened to me! Through the entire set Nathan, Matthew and Mateo would cast smiles to their fans. As usual, Nathan literally becomes one with the crowd, with a series of stage dives and breaking a speaker in the process! At one point the crowd was covered in water as Nathan’s water bottles are tossed back and forth. Before leaving the stage for the first time, Nathan gave a heartfelt speech that reminds the crowd this is a farewell tour…that Madina will not be returning…yet the encores makes the night a party once again…although it seems the crowd had the power of influence at one point as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” becomes an added song to their set.
Live images taken by: Rebel Yell
There’s so much to say about this one night,  it is either difficult to put into words or reminiscing makes me excited enough that I accidently brush over, or lightly dwell on detail.
I came away from that night bruised and battered…but it was completely worth it!
Every fan hopes that this isn’t a farewell to Madina Lake…simply just BRB.
~ Rebel Yell

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