Reminiscing 2013

5 key aspects of 2013?

There are so many things that have happened this year in the music industry, from Joey Jordison leaving Slipknot for “personal reasons” to Def Leppard suing One Direction! 
So much drama for one year, let’s reminisce shall we?

Black Veil Brides release their third studio album “Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones” in January. The album caused some major conflict amongst both fans and critics as some accused of BVB becoming far more commercial, and giving into the pressures of the music industry; whereas other believe it to be their greatest work yet. Personally I love the album, it clearly illustrates how the band have progressed as not only musicians but also as individuals and performers. Moreover it shows how they are maturing in a way that is benefitting their music. It is evident of glam metal influences in this album, as their theatrical looks have diminished somewhat it has instead been stained onto their work, which I believe works extremely well, following in the footsteps of their idols such as Motley Crue, KISS, even Alkaline Trio. 

You haven’t heard it yet?! Well I strongly suggest you do! Now! Go! Listen! Have it playing in the background as you continue reading!
If ya need help it can be purchased here:

And who can forget My Chemical Romances dramatic breakup in March?! Although tragic saying goodbye to a band that have left such a mark on the rock world, I wish them all they luck in all that they do! Their legacy will always remain, they will always have dedicated fans to return to, but for now we have to let them be and do everything they want to do! Mr Way made the point of assuring fans that this break up was not their fault – instead it was his change of heart towards performing.

One personal heartbreak of my music world was the farewell of Madina Lake. The band concluded their 7 year journey with a ‘Farewell Tour’ at the end of this year in order to celebrate the making of the trilogy of Madina Lake, along with Matthew Leone’s book! Hopefully each member of the band will go on to do even greater things in both their personal lives and professional. Besides I can guaranty that the Leone twins will continue to cause havoc in the music world! Along with Dan and Mateo causing their own versions of mayhem too!  

Another thing that I have to say made me chuckle was Def Leppard pressing legal charges on to One Direction, as haven’t you noticed but their track “Midnight Memories” sounds extremely like the 70’s band hit “Pour Some Sugar on Me”? Go on look up the Directions song and in the chorus sing as loud as you can the chorus to Def Leppard’s, go on try it! POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME! IN THE NAME OF LOVE! POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME! COME ON FIRE ME UP! See?


Unfortunately for 1D this track is the title of their new album, if that goes then they are in some serious trouble!

And lastly it was announced that KISS and Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Exciting news aye? It’s about time this legends were in the same room as The Beetles, The Rolling Stones, Guns ‘N’ Roses and AC/DC!

What is engraved into your mind from 2013?

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