All Time Low 08.03.1

All Time Low
Where? Brixton Academy
When? 8th March 2014
What? Love Like War Tour
My eighth time seeing All Time Low and I can safely say that they have yet to disappoint. After selling out Brixton Academy after minimal hours on sale, the band return to the UK ready and willing to blow their fans minds. As always Jack Barakat’s energy continuously makes you question how much he has had to drink before coming on stage, however his energy and appeal is what endlessly keeps the fans on their feet and head banging. His quirky humour never fails to make the crowd laugh, whether with him or at him the band still have yet to work out. The drumming of Rian Dawson doesn’t seem to drain at any point throughout the show, his enthusiasm and drive control the heavy beat subtly manipulating the crowd’s bodies to either jump, sway or clap. Furthermore, never once does his ability hinder from tiredness, and to those who say that drumming is easy take a look at Dawson’s technique…looks more like a workout than anything! Speaking of work outs, Zack Merrick appeals to his female fans in a tight t-shirt emphasising his muscle, in which in this week’s kerrang! Magazine issue he admits working out to be his obsession, I can tell you it definitely shows! Merrick arguably is known as the quiet Low, let’s be honest you can’t really be louder than Gaskarth or Barakat, he continues to develop this persona, letting his fans aware of his gratitude through gestures and smiles. Now, Mr. Alex Gaskarth continues to steal the hearts of his fans, especially through his very gratifying speech later in the night reassures his fans how true they are to him and the band. What’s more Gaskarth cannot help to cause the audience to dramatically transferred between emotions so quickly, from laughing and his and Jack’s strange love to bringing threatening tears to the eyes of listeners during the acoustic playing of “Therapy”.
One thing I particularly like about this band? They never fail to make the crowd

Photograph by @elmakias

to have a good time, nor do they seem to let the idea of performing day in and day out to become dull or boring. Instead they continue to play every show like it’s their last. Personally, I can see how the band has grown up during the years, however they have still managed to pull of the high school appeal, in which their music has meaning yet some can be carefree and just out for a good time; some bands whom reach the level in which All Time Low are at now tend to let their music take the detour to completely serious and forget where they came from and who they are. Not ATL, they still let their music express what the band truly stand for, and throughout the years have let their sound mature naturally.

A key thing for me last night was that their set list was perfect in the sense that it  covered every album they have created, thus appealing to both old and new fans. Moreover, they chose a variety of songs that are ‘classic ATL set listing’ such as Dear Maria and Damned If I Do Ya to songs that might not have as much credit as they deserve, such as Vegas.

Despite how many times I have seen them their shows never get old, in fact it is completely the opposite, their shows always end too quickly for my liking. Step by step All Time Low are taking over the world. But their way. Not through major labels, instead taking a stand and doing things their way, and from Rebel Yell we salute them.



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