Deaf Havana Brighton Concorde

Final day of tour and Deaf Havana are returning to the small venues they began in back in 2005. After warm up shows in Bristol, Netherlands and Germany in December of 2013, the band hit the States late January kicking off the beginning of a world tour. Two months later the band reemerged in Europe, before returning home to the UK in April with Phoenicians The Maine and The People The Poet.
Arguably last day of tour is always the best gig to attend out of the entire tour selection, this is because this is each bands last chance to be on stage in this particular environment. The combinations of bands last time together and their last chance to end on the ultimate high.

Now this was my first time seeing the band live, however I admittedly I prefer their earlier albums Meet Me Halfway, At Least (2009) and Fool and Worthless Liars (2011) compared to the 2013‘s release of Old Souls – although some of the songs did catch my attention e.g. Mildred (Lost A Friend). I definitely still appreciated their work as a band and was intrigued to see how their set would progress, thus one reasoning behind attending their gig – that and not going to lie but what is better than growing band returning to a small venue? nothing exactly!

The People The Poet opened the entire show, sparking curiosity in the awaiting crowd. However, it was The Maine whom caused the room to sweat and excrete adrenaline. As usual their setlist is unpredictable, constructed from all four albums: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (2008), Black and White (2010), Pioneer (2011) and Forever Halloween (2013)


  1. Run
  2. Right Girl
  3. My Heroine 
  4. Misery
  5. We All Roll Along
  6. Sad Songs
  7. Growing Up
  8. Like We Did (Windows Down)

Deaf Havana soon ventured on stage after The Maine had got the crowd “all limbered up” in the words of Mr. John O’Callaghan. The main act definitely entertained in the newly created sauna, amusing all their fans with a selection of songs across all their albums, for me I found Alcohol and Nicotine to be amazingly done without a screamer. They have certainly put a new perspective on their latest album for me, rock bands are made to be on stage and perform, and that was definitely proven tonight!

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