Broken Rumours, Torn up Assumptions and a Story of Another Alter Ego


We all know him by different names, from titles such as hero and saviour given by his army, to…well…let’s say less endearing terms by people he has yet to win over. However it is not just fandom that has sparked names for him, Black Veil Brides’ front man has had a variety of stage names throughout his career, from being Andy Six in his 2010 debut album We Stitch These Wounds to The Prophet from 2011’s Set The World on Fire, before returning back to his family name of Biersack for their 2013 rock opera concept album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.


There is no denial that Mr. Biersack keeps his next intentions a mystery to his following, looking back on Black Veil Brides’ previous albums it’s safe to say that he has covered a sufficient, if not impressive, amount of ground considering only spending 4 years in the light of the media. Andy has never been shy when vocalising how his childhood and adolescence has impacted his writing style, as well as his love for 80’s glam metal coinciding with his passion for theatrics, helped him develop his ‘alter egos’. Yet again another layer has been shed from the enigmatic front man; the creation of Andy Blackfrom a recent side project continues to challenge generated general expectations.


As we reach the midpoint of 2014, fans are aware that Black Veil Brides have recently returned to the studio to record their fourth feature length album, however they may have been unaware of Andy previously recording earlier this year. He takes a complete detour from makeup and tight leather to sharp dressed black suits, in which he gives himself a “chance to divide the characters” of his alter ego. In a recent interview with Hot Topic, Andy also eliminates the rumours of a purely solo career, the insinuations of Black Veil Brides breaking up are cleared and removed from the debate, as he makes it evident that the Andy Black project is a creative path that allows him to continue to grow as a musician, without sacrificing the development and iconic high ground of Black Veil Brides. In the below interview Andy further explains the separation of his two characters, stating that the only connection was the connotation of black, emphasising how this is just another addition to his ever growing persona.  


As of yesterday Andy released his first single as Andy Black: “They Don’t Need to Understand” upon listening to the lyrics, music and paying close attention to the video, there are both understandable similarities as well as differences between the project and Black Veil Brides. Nonetheless it is the differences that I find most intriguing. Compared to the “take on the world” attitude that carries Black Veil Brides, Andy Black seems to be a more reflective, romantic approach. Now I know what you’re thinking “romantic?! How is it romantic?” well the romanticism wasn’t all pink hearts and roses, no instead there is a far darker undertone to the era; placing emphasis on such emotions as apprehension, horror, terror and awe. Throughout the black and white video, we see the present Andy in the foreground, whilst home videos play in the background; this enhances the sense of awe, remembrance and a ghostlike presence; suggesting that perhaps Andy Black is a character that is far more aware of his transitions through life compared to Andy Six.


All in all? I genuinely admire Andy Biersack’s exploration and exhibition of both his creative mindset and his faith in where it will lead him. Personally, I can see Andy Black constructing a similar divide in the music culture as Black Veil Brides first did when they appeared back in 2010. As always, I look forward to the release of their fourth studio album, but I am also intrigued as to where Andy plans on taking Mr. Black.



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