The Return of Theatricality

A band who have come so far in such a short space of time is The Relapse Symphony. Rebel Yell has dedicated numerous blog posts tracking the progression of the DC rockers. I can remember first listening to the band just two years ago, in which guitarist JC Charles and singer Bret Von Dehl branched out to fan using social media, in particular through Facebook friends requests. 
As a fan myself it was been somewhat fulfilling watching this band grow and slowly win the souls of more and more people globally.
Throughout the passed few years, the band have experienced both loss and gain. The leaving of their drummer Tyler Gloydd, whose role is carried forth by previous lead guitarist Alex Foxx, whose role is now conducted by Ray Miller. However, The Relapse Symphony have seen a dramatic growth in their fan base: Relapse Rebels, as well as releasing the EP Times Running Out. Followed by the release of their first music video Panic! (Times Running Out) in 2013. But they didn’t stop there, instead after months of touring with various bands such as Black Veil Brides the band then went on to release their debut album Shadows (review by yours truly can be found here).
And now the band continue to develop by announcing and releasing two music videos off of the album:

Savage Eyes:


One More Yesterday:


I’m not going to say much on the videos, because I want you guys to go out and watch them for yourselves. All I will say is that this band have come so far, and I couldn’t be prouder! These videos theatricality are something to be admired…wow.

I still await the day they travel overseas to play to their UK audience, and when they do I will be in the front row screaming their lyrics back at them. Will you?

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