"Tonight I’m Sleeping with Sirens"

Well hello there, I know it’s been a while but trust me this has been worth the wait. Firstly let’s get formalities over and done with shall we? How have you all been? Hoping your New Year was accompanied by a terrific hangover, if not you weren’t doing it right, but hope it was amazing all the same. Okay enough of all that back to the part you’ve all been waiting desperately for, a new article, some more wise words of wisdom from yours truly. This time we’re lucky enough to have some live photographs, that’s right people Rebel Yell is going up in the world! So I’d like to thank you to Sammi Doherty in advance for letting me use her awesome photos. Everyone say thank you…they’ll be up shortly for you all.
Rory Indiana with Empire’s lead singer Joe Green.
Left to Right: Dan Ely; Harry Ward; Joe Green; Ben Clement; Rory Kaye
Photo By: Sammi Doherty

It’s a Tuesday night here in Brighton, and I’m spending it at the recently reopened “The Hope” so far the ambiance here is so quirky you’ve just got to love it. They have random things hanging from the ceiling, such as guitars, book pages and God knows what else; what’s more they have a caravan as their kitchen…trust me it works. But I’m not exactly here to admire the decor, Rebel Yell hasn’t gone into home interior quite yet. Up stairs is where I’m heading though, ya see remember a little band called Rory Indiana? I harped on about them a few months ago? Well I’m here to rattle on about them again, I know you all loved what I had to say before and you’re going to love this just as much. Now one great thing about being here in Brighton is how much music is out here, especially undiscovered bands or those who are just starting to make a name for themselves. There’s nothing better than just randomly showing up to a gig and going with it…okay you can probably think of much better things but it’s definitely in the top ten. And granted this particular gig wasn’t a spontaneous decision, I decided to come about a week ago…again not the point though. The first time I saw Rory Indiana was completely spontaneous, as a result I’ve been infatuated with their music ever since. Plus all the guys are absolute sweethearts…okay out of all words I could have used to describe them I don’t know why I settled on that one, just humour me and go with it…on the few times I’ve met them/spoke with them they’ve always been so grateful and genuinely ecstatic that their music is reaching a wider audience outside of their immediate social circle. That’s a quality that I’ve found a lot of bands lose early on in their career, they seem to forget that the way to keep people around isn’t purely through brilliant music, but actually interacting and having a sense of humility; nine times out of ten people are more compelled to follow a band who try to keep as connected to them as possible. This is a quality I hope that Rory Indiana will continue to illustrate as they excel through the industry.


We all here know how I like to babble on about all sorts of random and most of the time pointless things, and trust me I’ll get to the crucial topic somewhen today, but for now just deal with this, after all my blog my rules. Anyways, we all are aware that I’m an aspiring musician; this being a side project I started a few years back. Hopefully you’re all also aware that I’m not “major label bad, indie goo” like most naïve musician I encounter. But I do understand how important it is for smaller bands to break into the medias attention. There are some out there who deserve so much credit for the work their putting out there, for their talent to be recognised and appreciated. Hence why I keep bombarding you with people like Rory Indiana. I’ve been following this band for a number of months now…not literally of course because that would be both creepy and stalkerish, and I don’t recommend stalking a band, it most probably will end badly for you. Wait where was I? Oh yeah, I’ve been following Rory Indiana for a number of months now and I’ve already seen vast improvements to their set and performance, their hard work is definitely starting to show through. Determination and dedication is key to this industry, and to any job really. 

Recently the band have been out to Sweden to play a few college gigs over there, this is their first step into targeting an international audience. The video below is taken from an acoustic set. Personally I think for a band who produces music like these guys it’s extremely difficult to strip back a song to just an acoustic guitar and vocal line effectively. This accents the bands potential and talent extremely well, as it is evident that Ben Clement’s guitar technique is close to flawless in this example, as well as demonstrating how powerful Rory Kaye’s voice actually is; plus you can really appreciate and hear the genius behind the lyrics. What’s more, both put the same amount of enthusiasm and energy into this performance as they would in a regular show…well not exactly the same…the same level definitely but illustrates how the guys are capable of adapting their performance strategies to be appropriate to the audience they’re playing to.

Okay, so the gig as usual the band did not disappoint, even as they were setting up the energy and anticipation in the room immediately heightened. The guys effectively interwove songs from their EP “Emiricism” which you can purchase here.
(see what I did there aye? Now that’s what you can call proper product placement! Wait is it product placement? Or just simple marketing? Oh whatever it is it was subtle until I pointed it!) But if you guys are broke students like myself (although I own the EP and highly recommend that you do to) you can listen to it on Spotify here.

Dan Ely on Bass
photo by: Sammi Doherty

Anyways back to the gig! Like I said the boys didn’t disappoint. I have determined it’s difficult not to move in some way to their music, if you’re not moshing, your head is at least involuntarily keeping in time to Harry and Dan’s groove. For some reason I always find myself watching drummers and bassists at gigs, maybe because I don’t play those instruments or I’m genuinely intrigued by the whole rhythm section; each element of a band can make or break a song, but if the rhythm section is even slight off then the while thing can just be lost. A strong bassist and drummer is a must have as they provide the voodoo that makes the audience move. Now on the above EP there are some section you hear and think “nah that can’t be reflected right in a live performance” tonight I was stood corrected as the band perfectly orchestrated throughout their entire set. This is a band that take what they do on stage seriously, and you can definitely see and hear they spend hours to make their live sets as tight as possible. There are many beyond fantastic guitarists out there, most that surpass the typical “Slash” approach, I’m talking more Angus Young, Gary Moore technically gifted as well as practically. Tonight Ben Clement illustrated how he belongs in the same league as those guys, sure he’s only young and has a way to go, but the potential is there and prominent. Rory is no exception from the rest of the bands brilliance, this quintet support each others talents and roles on the stage; a strong unit is key. Not once did Rory’s vocal falter, instead it remain as strong and powerful as the above acoustic video. One thing I find fascinating about his vocals is the amount of emotion he is able to portray in it; it’s something that never ceases to amaze me. 

Watching each member on stage you can see how immersed and lost they get in their own music.

This is a type of passion that cannot be faked purely for stage use. 
Although still a band trying to break into the industry, they treat their crowd like each and everyone is there for them, and they’re giving them the best show they possibly can; to the degree audience interaction involved Ben and Dan coming into the crowd to rock out.

If you haven’t been able to see the guys live before, I’m telling you try and see them, if not here’s a little teaser what they are capable of (taken from Old Market December 2014):

They’re a band that I will continue to go and see live as often as I can, as well as keeping up with all their new releases; such as new video to be released.
That video came out today, and I can safely say that the boys have once again out done themselves!

It’s hard to write about a live gig, it’s the kinda thing you need to witness for yourself, hence why I completely encourage you to go and see these guys live. I promise you will not regret it at all, instead they are a band that leave you hungry for more.
Something that makes their shows remarkable to someone like me is that fact they all are students at the same school as me. Sharing similar goals as them, it makes the whole idea a lot more tangible and realistic. Everyone has influences in whatever they do, they have the top dogs on their pedestals influencing them, but they also have the ones climbing their way up despite all obstacles in their way. For my Rory Indiana and those guys. Proving to me that if you want something bad enough and you’re willing to do all it takes to go after it, and still be genuinely authentic and nice people through it all, then you can.
Now the photography that will shortly be following this post was taken by Sammi Doherty. I work and know so many talented people, each deserve their share of credit so definitely check her out here:
So go on, give them another listen. Join their mailing list. Fall in love with their music like I have.
Until next time,

Rebel Yell.

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