"Could We Burn Darling?"

Hey would you look at that! You’re getting two posts in the space of a week! Aren’t you lucky that I like you guys so much?
That’s right I’m back with even more devilish insights for you, so let’s get down to it shall we?
Who? Fearless Vampire Killers
What? Unbreakable Hearts
Where? The Haunt, Brighton
Support: Myth City & Zoax
Back in October Fearless Vampire Killers announced a UK February tour, however had to reschedule the dates in order to support In This Moment.Originally the boys were set to play Brighton’s ‘Audio’ on Wednesday 8thFebruary, which was rearranged to ‘The Haunt’ on Thursday 21st May. Honestly, it was such a suitable change. Not only do the two names get on like a house of fire, hear it a few times and you might get it…
Fearless Vampire Killer…The Haunt…
The Haunt…Fearless Vampire Killers…
Fearless Vampire Killers…The Haunt…
Got it? Good.
This has to be one of my favourite venues around, if you cast your minds back to December 2014, recall passed the candy canes and shiny paper. I sent you a little review about Rory Indiana playing in the same venue, for Red Kites EP Launch? Remember? You better do, I bang on about that band enough that you to have no choice but to pay attention!
Anyways, I have seen Fearless on three other occasions, twice as the support band and another on the 2013 Kerrang! Tour (the place I feel in love with them). And now I have finally managed to see them as the headliner they are. These boys are definitely made for the stage. There are certain things you expect from a band such as this, for instance musical theatricality, humility with awe and excitement. Watch them from a performance aspect it was evident that they couldn’t have been more genuine. The energy and rare intensity they emitted was contagious. Granted The Haunt wasn’t packed to capacity, but the audience they did have they treated like dear old friends.
To top it all the boys were lovely enough to come and meet all of their fans after the show. Something that a lot of musicians at their level would find tedious and demeaning. Yet is quite the opposite. This is a band, that despite popularity and talent, remember where they’ve come from, who they are and what they stand for. Just another reason that I find them such an inspiring band to watch and hear.

Their set couldn’t have been more perfect either. From old, personal favourites such as Bow Ties on Dead Guys to Could We Burn Darling? to the latest editions such as In Wondrous Rage, Maeyby and their classic All Hallows Evil. Kicking things off with Neon In The Dance Hall was completely appropriate as it manages to supper the tour name and new album Unbreakable Hearts as well as reigniting a crowd full of new and old faces. As well as letting the audience choose one of the songs, in this case Fetish for the Finite, the ultimate form of crowd participation. However the song that prominent for myself was when Kier and Luke captivated the audience on their own with Brave the Night. Kier’s performance and vocal delivery was utterly heart retching, supported by the haunting melody by the piano provided by Luke, who, as Kier appropriately announced “Not just a drummer everybody”. This song was so mesmerising that the audience lit up the floor with multiple illuminating objects. It was evident that both Kier and Luke were lost in the song, with the audience providing support as their voices helped raise the song to the next level. In this moment I was remind what I want out of life. Why I want to be a recording and touring band.

(My video wouldn’t load but this captures the same ambiance as at The Haunt)
I’m going to leave you on that note.

Short and sweet.

Until next time, unpleasant dreams.


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