M.I.A But I’m Okay.

Sorry creeps that I’ve been a bit MIA these passed few months, but I have my reasons trust me…just give me a chance to explain okay?! Please?!
Thank you why aren’t you kind. Now I don’t have the excuse of being piled under a mountain of uni work as its been the summer holidays for the passed few weeks, but I have been busy with my personal and professional life, as well as taking some time off to just relax and take things easy. Plus there hasn’t been much to write about lately, I haven’t been to any gigs as all my favourite artists are touring elsewhere or have returned home for the summer. No new albums have struck my interest enough to write about them. Basically I’m going through a musical slump, so if you guys have any suggests or recommendations that will get my taste buds tingling and my horns back into the air feel free to bombard me with links and emails.

Satisfied with my meek excuses? Well you better be because I have something of interest to tell you now, so you should carry on reading…it is highly encouraged…its necessity…I mean your life might actually depend on it someday!
Azure – (Dreaming of) Azure
EP Cover

Something interesting cropped up onto my Facebook wall last night. Someone I know posted a link to their EP…me being me I downloaded it and listened to it in multiple frames of mind. As a songwriter. As a friend. As a musician. As Rebel Yell. And this particular EP just had all those minds absolutely captivated.

I was lucky enough to meet Christopher Sampson on my very first day of BIMM, and although we’ve survived our first year in very separate ways, I have had the chance to watch him grow as an artist. It is extremely rare to find a genuinely nice person full of talent that isn’t arrogant. Hence my excitement at this project he has posted to the world.
The first thing that this whole EP had me thinking was this belongs to the stage, like a musical adaption has to be made, like Green Day’s American Idiot or The Who’s Tommy. However, this feels more appropriate, although I understand, respect and highly admire the adaptions of The Who and Green Day, this doesn’t feel like an adaptation more like straight from the musical sound track.
Although you can tell the works are by a developing artist it is still of remarkable quality. Some of the lyrics are works of art and the music?! Like I said I can picture a theatrical band playing the songs, whilst actors bring it all to life.
The whole feel of the EP ranges across numerous genres, from theatrically to experimental rock phases. But despite how experimental some sections get it is still easy and pleasant to listen to. But that voice! That range! That emotion! It is difficult to get across on a record but Chris does it exceptionally well! Plus he is not afraid to use every aspect of his voice, his entire range and multiple emotions.
If you don’t believe me have a listen for yourselves:
Personal recommendation would have to be “Dry Your Eyes”.
The talent I’m surrounded by never ceases to amaze me. Both encourages me and terrifies me but I hope for the best for everyone I know and work with. Unless I don’t like you…then that’s a different story all together. ANYWAYS…I look forward to seeing what Chris’ future has in store for him. I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform live in a non-BIMM atmosphere…well an external venue held by external promoters but still with a BIMM crowd…either way he is an exceptional performer, songwriter and recording artist. So you keep an eye on him as I will be too…in an non-creepy, non-stalkers sense.

Now that’s it from me for a while, but hopefully won’t make you wait too long, unpleasant dreams my lovelies.


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