"It’s Time to Separate the Wolves From the Sheep."

Rory Indiana

11th November 2015
Patterns, Brighton

Want to hear the tipsy ramblings of a mad woman? Well you’re gonna. You have no choice now. You’re tuned in. Dedicated. Passed the point of no return. So I should probably get to the point right? Right.


So this evening…after a few drinks…I ventured down to Patterns, Brighton with a dear friend of mine to see a band whom I have mentioned countless amount of times on this blog. Well…at least three times. Only difference is for this particular show they were headlining. The first day of a mini tour with The Wild to be exact. Rory Indiana, remember them? You should do. Let’s be honest you hang on every word I say, come on don’t be shy, we all have our guilty pleasures. Those shameful addictions we just can’t break, we all know that Rebel Yell is yours. Where was I heading with this? Oh yeah. Okay the gig. Rory Indiana are a band I fell in love with way back last year, during the induction day onto my BA1 course. Firstly playing at Theatre Royal, Brighton then followed by a gig that evening in at Patterns, which was then called Audio. God I feel like my age is catching up with me, I’m far to young to have little anecdotes like that, next I’ll be using “back in my day” and “how do you use this strange contraption?!”. Anyways. Moving swiftly on. Here we are. A year later. Still the same fan anticipating their next E.P. but that’s another post for another time.
It seems to me that the crowd became somewhat electrified when Indiana crept under the lights of the smallish stage. But I’m used to the insane crowd that accompanies any Indiana gig. You know what had me this time? Rory without a guitar. Yup you heard it here first folks frontman Rory hung up his guitar and took centre stage as a vulnerable frontman for the first time that I’ve witnessed. And you know what? It was incredible…strange…but incredible nonetheless. Songwriters and artists are supposed to continuously push their boundaries and comfort zones.  Rory pulled this off appropriately, getting into the track just as he would be with a guitar, but what’s more important is that he pulled this off almost effortlessly. It’s an indescribable feeling watching a band gradually progress as a fan, especially from the infant stages of their careers.
Unfortunately Harry (drummer) left the band but former drummer Josh Gale returned to the mix. This is my first time seeing the old line up play together. I can safely say I was not disappointed. To top it all off, the three-part harmony in some songs were to die for! You don’t realise how much they make a difference in a song, it’s not just my musician ears.There is something satisfying about perfect harmonies layered seamlessly. Proving how they are developing as musicians as well as artists.
My journey of following Rory Indiana is nowhere near close to an end. So yours better not be either. Either way I’ll be keeping you posted. Keep your eyes peeled for a new E.P. heading our way soon enough!



If you fancy seeing the band live yourselves, find the nearest gig near you. I promise that you won’t regret it!

Until then unpleasant dreams.

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