Death of Legends

Hello my pretties,
How was your Christmas? Get everything your little hearts desired, or simply relied on those tight false smiles with the high pitched “thank you it’s what I’ve always wanted!”. And New Year? Did you welcome 2016 with drunken promises of a new you and all that cliché babble?
It seems the theme of all my opening paragraphs are apologetic for being somewhat AWAL and absent from entertaining you with my amusing anecdotes and opinions. But with the festivities going on it’s safe to say I’ve been a little preoccupied. Then with the deaths of legends such as Lemmy and Bowie I’ve been in mourning of some of the most influential people to have walked this Earth. I mean let’s take Bowie, to those who know me know how fascinated I am with the ideas of stage personas and how characters can be enhanced through theatricality to bring albums to life. Bowie was the first lead I have into the music world after I had picked up a guitar. ‘Space Oddity’ was the first song I learnt to play and perform; I remember being in Year Six (for my international readers out there that would have been about the age of 10) and being ever so proud that I had nailed the quick chordal changes in the small exotic bridge after “planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do”; and just being desperate to show someone.
This man shaped the performer I would come to be, but also the type of songwriter I am today. Now I’m not saying that without David Bowie I wouldn’t be a songwriter or musician, I’m simply saying that he helped me fall in love with theatricality and how effective it can be during performance; and how writing as characters is far more interesting then writing everyday love songs.

So Mr. Jones, I raise my glass to you.

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