"Death of a Bachelor" Panic! At The Disco

I’m back again! Twice in the space of a one week? What’s going on?!
This time I bring you the delighted review of Panic! At The Disco’s new album “Death of  A Bachelor”. I pre-ordered this about a week ago, then received an email last night saying it would be delivered today! Safe to say I got minimal sleep last night due to how excited I was for it! Ever since seeing Panic! at Reading I have been absolutely in love with them! Seriously, ask anybody they’re all I’ve been rambling on about for months now, especially the video for Emperor’s New Clothes…I mean have you seen it?! It’s amazing so theatrical! Wait…you haven’t seen it?! Well it’s a good thing there’s a link at the bottom for it then!
This is only going to be a mini review as I am slightly tight for time at the moment. Oh don’t judge me! You’re getting some of my precious time!
There are so many songs on this album that shouldn’t necessarily work together as a compilation, somehow Panic! make it work. The key thing to note about this album is that is it very different from any previous album they’ve ever produced. Good different though so don’t you worry your pretty little heads about it!

As a songwriter, you can really see how Brendon Urie has developed and really honed in on every musical influence he has. There’s Jazz, there’s Rock, there’s club feel, there’s the ‘typical Panic! sound’ this album has everything you could want.
Album song by song briefly:
  1. VictoriousYou couldn’t have started with a more appropriate track if you has tried. I love the children’s choir that starts it, and then pops up in various choruses. This is just one of those songs you can’t help but have fun to, dance. Have a good time. Stop caring about the world around you can just focus on you and a good time.
  2. Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Timeadmittedly not one of my favourite songs off the album, but still catchy and you can’t help but dance to it. Has more of a club feel, and if I was drunk enough, or drunk at all I could totally feel vibe. It’s a good song, as it goes on I fall more under the beat and bass. The chorus is definitely the thing that steals my attention on this track. Worth a listen. 
  3. Hallelujah– This song has the same vibe as the entire album of Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die and could have quite easily fit on there, or been a single, however it is pleasant to see how this could be used as a transition track to link both the albums. Here the harmonises are remarkable, again, Queen ambiance being portrayed. With lyrics that are vivid and emotive beyond compare.
  4. Emperor’s New Clothes – I’ve already mentioned how theatrical this song is, but also have a heavy Queen ambiance, which not a lot of artists can pull of successfully.  The song includes elements of tracks from Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die. Lyrical content has to be my favourite of any Panic! track. Without going into depth like the songwriter I am, I will say that there is such vivid imagery that you couldn’t ignore if you had tried!
  5. Death of a Bachelor – now this song took me a while to fall for, but I do love Brendon’s voice in this, he shows his talent as a singer. What’s more, demonstrates perfectly how if an artist is set on one genre it can become somewhat mundane. Yet through dabbling with diverse genres you are immediately made more interesting to listen to. The unexpected nature of this song, with the brass and lounge style gives the album that final sparkle.
  6. Crazy = Genius ­– I love the concept behind this song too, Panic! have definitely nailed this idea of catchy, fun tunes whilst still having a deeper meaning. Illustrating perfectly how they are entertainers not just talented musicians.
  7. L.A. Devotee Again one of my favourites off the album, you can’t help but dance to it. Feel good track that still manages to have remarkable lyrics and musical composition. You have to play this song on full volume either driving down a country lane in the sun, singing at the top of your voice or on full volume in your bedroom, dancing around and singing like you don’t have a care in the world…until your neighbours knock on your wall telling you to keep it down.
  8. Golden Days – I love the theme of this song, the first verse revolving around finding Polaroid’s in a record shop taken in 1979. Such an intriguing concept to revolve a song around.
  9. The Good, The Bad and The Dirty – This song seems to sew together all genres that have appeared in this album so far. This is almost like the fight song of the album, has a particular drive that seems to ignite a force of determination. With an addictive chorus that you can help but sing along to and dance to.
  10. House of Memories – The song starts chilled, again Brendon shows how strong his vocal range is here. A new style whilst still incorporating the typical Panic! sound. The song feels somewhat haunting, but not in a freaky, run away from the hell house creepy, more the haunted of past memories that you sit alone and stew in.
  11. Impossible Year – Sweet and beautiful piano starts this song, following the same jazz, lounge room ambiance of Death of a Bachelor. Again with a chilling feel, but one that completely captivates you and leaves you intrigued by past memories. A bittersweet pain that everyone feels from time to time.


(This did start as my top five but I found it so difficult to simply choose five songs I just had to write about the full album!)
Brendon has to be one of my favourite songwriters of today, it is difficult to see a true specimen of pure talent when it comes to songwriting but Brendon seems to have nailed composition as well as lyrics. Lyrics are my forte and something I pay particular attention to. What’s more he is a tremendous performer on stage too, I liked a few Panic! songs before hand, but his performance at Reading 2015 is when I sold my soul to them. I tilt my hat to you Mr. Urie, I hope to be able to work with you some day, but we’ll see.
Fully recommend you get your mitts on this album!
You can purchase it below:

Well for now my pretties, unpleasant dreams.


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