It’s a Simple Plan…Trust Me!

Simple Plan 
Support: The Bottom Line (UK) and Ghost Town (USA)
24th March 2016
O2 Forum Kentish Town
You know what? I’m sure my post titles are getting worse…ahh well I guess you all just have to live with it.
Anyways, hello my pretties,
Would you look at that I’m back again! Aren’t you lucky being blessed with my company multiple times this month!
Well I have something extra special for you to indulge your senses on today. A little review, wait let me be more accurate, an entry to make you all jealous that you weren’t there with me. Last night I was fortunate enough to see…wait for it…waaaiiiitt…okay I can’t contain my excitement:
SIMPLE PLAN! (It’s just clicked I said this post was about Simple Plan at the top of this entry…ah well!)
First things first though, a quick note about the support bands:
The Bottom Line: 
Finally a decent pop punk to emerge from the last 3 years! These guys cater to everything you could want from a pop punk band. They’re catchy, their cute and they leave you wanting more whilst giving the rest of the world the finger.
Highlight from their set was their cover of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. They know how to cater for their audience. Being a support band is difficult as it is, but to be the first on to warm up their crowd, that’s another trick altogether.  
Check them out here:
Ghost Town:

Personally I fell in love with this band, couldn’t help but start dancing to their tracks. Although I will say I was surprised they were supporting Simple Plan, simply because some of their tracks were slightly heavy, can see them more appropriate to support bands like Fearless Vampire Killers. However, it was a pleasant break between the two pop punk bands, not that it’s possible to have too much pop punk, it was the best kind of surprise. Fully recommend you guys checking this band out.

Here’s a links to start you off:
Now for the main act:
Yes, that’s right I managed to witness one of the original pop punk pioneers…AGAIN! And this quintet does not disappoint. They provide a show that you can’t help but dance, jump and scream lyrics at the top of your lungs too. The energy they emit on stage is addictive, contagious that you can’t help but have a good time. If you can introduce me to someone who’s mouth didn’t pull at the corners, or at least tap a foot in time to this band, then I will…I will…okay I don’t know what I’ll do so just insert a dramatic bet because I can guarantee that that person does not exist. It’s impossible.
Purchase their new album ‘Taking One For
The Team’ 
on Amazon or iTunes.

Keep up to date on:

Here’s a quick peek at their Setlist:
1.     Opinion Overload
2.     Jet Lag
3.     Jump/I Got A Feeling
4.     I’d Do Anything
5.     Boom
6.     Welcome to My Life
7.     The Rest Of Us
8.     Your Love Is a Lie
9.     I Refuse
10. Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars Cover)
11. Can’t Feel My Face (The Weekend Cover)
12. Can’t Keep My Hands Off You
13. Summer Paradise
14. Farewell
15. Crazy
16. I’m Just a Kid
17. Shut Up
18. Perfect World
19.  This Song Saved My Life
20. Perfect
One thing that did strike me was how diverse their audience was. You had original fans that were teens when their debut album “No Pad’s” was released, people like me who discovered them in their pre-teens era, allowing them to aid you in any problems you had growing up, and have been in love with their music ever since as it etc. Younger audiences who have fallen in love with their last album Taking One For The Team and are slowly rewinding their history, discovering the tracks that helped me through an awful lot. Then the parents. The ones who want their kids to have the time of their lives, live young but aren’t quite old enough to venture into a venue on their own.
Taken by Rebel Yell
Beach balls added to Summer Paradise was a amusing touch, allowing the audience to become even more immersed into the blithe ambiance they created, encouraging their fans to simply forget about any issues or troubles waiting for them outside of the venue. That in that moment. Right then. Right there. Nothing in the world matter other then you and the music. Even with songs such as Welcome To My Life, This Song Saved My Life and Perfectthe band continuously remind their followers that they will never be alone in life because they have Simple Plan to fall back on for support. That is what matters in a band I think, how you treat your fans. That understanding and connection is something that can’t be replicated in any other relationship. 15 years later and they are still one of the most sincere, considerate, humble bands I know of, and have had the pleasure watching and following over the years. It’s easy to get lost in fame and arrogance; it can destroy your career. But this band hasn’t forgotten who got them there. You can have the world’s best artist but they are nothing without the fans, as it’s the fans that carry and support the band, just like the band carry them. I say that as a musician and songwriter, not as a fan of Simple Plan. That is one of many, many reasons I have so much respect for this band.
If you ever get a chance to see them live, I fully recommend it. It’s an escapism route that is indescribable.
I’m going to leave you on that note. Seems like a deep and thoughtful note to leave you on. Something a little new from me.
Until next time,
Unpleasant Dreams.

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