Doves Ready To Take Flight

(^Hmm seems that my puns are getting worse. Sorry!)
Hello my pretties, just lil ol’ me again, back with an extra special entry today. Aren’t you lucky! AWAL for a few months now I’ve been giving you so much new tasty information that you can help but love me again! Well…let’s be honest…you never stopped loving me, just missed me like crazy. Don’t worry it will be our little secret.
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? As you all know, as you all hang on my every word, I’m studying towards a music degree…see one of the many perks of attending a music university that I have access to endless amounts of new music. What’s more, I work with some of the most talented musicians this world has yet to know about. Watching them rise in a vibrant city in which competition to get yourself noticed is fierce. Yet some people defy most odds, not giving in until they achieve their primary goal. Especially after getting a taste of a life they could potentially live is a dangerously addictive one. One of these artists being a Brighton based indie rock band Dove House.

Let’s introduce them all shall we?

Photo by Olly Dolling Photography

So from left to far right we have Kieran Philbin on lead guitar; drummer boy Nick Roberts; frontman and rhythm guitarist himself Jack Peacock; Ish Hussein on the bass; and Anthony Barrett tinkling on the ivories…well keys/synth…kind the same thing (that statement is now making every pianist and composer turn in their graves and wince if they are still breathing…sorry!…maybe?) With Ish and Nick providing powerful backing vocals to compliment Jack’s lead.

This quintet are hell bent on presenting a social commentary in a powerful, melodic rock package; something the music scene at the moment is severely lacking. As their band bio suggests, they are “five alternative rockers, armed with mind-blowing sounds and killer riffs, are not ones to miss”.
Remember those perks I mentioned? Well one is that I get to see a song in its rawest, most fragile state and gradually develop into a masterpiece. See the lovely boys over at Dove House let me have a sneak peak at their new single Cheap Tricks, a song that frontman Jack Peacock presented last year before constructing his ideal band. And being as wonderful as I am I have decided to lend you some insight to the track.
I will try not to go into the technically ins and outs of the song. Nor give too much away. After all this is purely a taster for you, not a three-course meal with all the extras. Have to leave you hungry for more.
Hold on to your top hats. Brace yourselves. Here we go.

Okay so the song immediately grasps your attention with a simple yet intriguing guitar hook, shortly followed by a cutting edge synth sound provided by Anthony with the rest of the band kicking in. This band sure knows how to peak your interest within the first 20 or so seconds. Everything pulls back when Jack’s main vocal begins, with guitar and kit providing a strong foundation. This brings the listeners focus straight to the lyrical content. As I mentioned before, the band provide a social commentary for the foolish youth…we’re all guilty for fitting into this category so don’t you think you’re an exception and turn your nose up mister! Through using this idea the song instantly becomes relatable to anyone and everyone. As my trade is as a lyricist my attention is directly draw to the words of the song, and Peacock has managed to write some entertaining yet brilliant lines. What’s more, each line is powerful on its own, as a songwriter it is difficult to maintain an intensity with every line, however he has managed to compose a song that doesn’t have one weak line in it. Although a personal favourite of mine is “I spilled my drink on the floor/Everybody thinks I’m wasted/I’m just clumsy and faithless” one reason because its so simple yet effective. It’s a statement that makes the song more relatable. We’ve all dropped our drinks at a party and we are accused of drinking too much. When its just clumsiness…I mean I trip on air so dropping a drink is no drunken mistake for me.

Interestingly, the song is packaged in a summer anthem wrapper whilst actually mocking that lifestyle, which immediately demonstrates professional and clever songwriters. Notably the song has so much space despite there being five musicians (not including vocals) anyone who knows any musicians within the 16 – 25 years old bracket knows that all they want to do it hit/play their instruments for as long and loud as they can. Dove House illustrates perfectly their professional musicianship, writing to compliment the songs rather than their instruments.  To add to this further, most people in today’s world believe that instrumental sections, and specifically solos of any kind, hinder a song, are there for the sake of it and should be exterminated at all costs. However, Dove House manages to incorporate one into their track without it feeling that way, instead it is a coherent piece that is necessary to the track.  The backing vocals scattered within the song again aren’t mindlessly placed, but have been selected to highlight imperative lines. Overall, the band couldn’t have written or produced a stronger debut single. They demonstrate their technical, writing and musical ability in a way that is enjoyable to listen to.
Okay so I think that’s more than enough for you to chew on for now. But I’d keep your eyes peeled on Dove House as:
“Thursday 23rd June will witness the release of the exciting debut single ‘Cheap Tricks’ from indie rockers ‘Dove House’. With a headline show booked at the Hope & Ruin, Brighton, and an energy infused music video to premier the single, this promises to be a huge milestone for these five eager musicians.”
You heard it here first folks, and that’s taken straight from the horses mouth. So make a note in those diaries and get yourselves down to the Hope & Ruin. Personally a favourite venue of mine…and let’s be honest I have the best taste there is so you won’t want to miss this at all. Trust me. If you do you will be lying in bed regretting that one decision. You’ll be thinking “I should have listened to the wise words of Rebel Yell, after all she knows best”. Yes, yes I do know best and don’t you forget that. So be there. If you’ve never seen this band play live before, you are in for a real treat, they are absolutely remarkable and worth every single penny. I know you guys love supporting the local scene and new emerging bands, well you might as well help out and fall head over heels for one that is actually going places.
The single will be made available, free, a week prior to the gig to those signed up to the mailing list. So why don’t you go sign up, learn the words and sing your lungs out on the following Thursday. Gigs are always made better when you can sing along and get lost in the music. You could be one step closer to that experience, so what’s stopping you? You will also have the bragging right of when they are famous and on the cover of magazines such as NME and Rocksound that you had a copy of their debut single before EVERYONE else.
Be sure to follow the boys to keep one step ahead of the game, on:
Just to add the icing on the cake, here is a small preview of the track that the boys were lovely enough to share with you:



Also for anyone out there to get their grip on the band, write about them, photograph them, book them for a gig etc. contact them at:
So I’ll see you there. (Note that wasn’t a question.)
Until then,

Unpleasant Dreams.

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