Out of The Gutter and…

Hello my pretties,
It’s me again, your favourite gal with all the mind melting gossip circulating the new rock/indie/metal music scene. Yesterday my doctor let me out of Arkham on good behaviour. Safe to say that was short lived. But trust me it was worth it. Now some of the extra juicy details I have to refrain from telling you, as I need them to remain off my record. To those who are keeping an eye on this in case I admit guilty to an unproven case, IT WASN’T ME!
Gutterflower in all their glory.
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Photo credit: Siri Crawford.
Anyway, one thing I can tell you about last night’s antics was my appearance at Brighton’s Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. Being the radiant writer I am, I was asked to pop down to see a band called Gutterflower. That’s right I’m in demand folks.  Now the name itself was enough to peak my interest, not only are the connotations associated with “gutters” and “flowers” complete binary oppositions that are beautifully fascinating, but also the name derives from the Goo Goo Dolls less flowery repertoire (no pun intended) compared to their previous hit “Iris”. Immediately indicated the type of band this band will be. Definitely my cup of tea.
This four piece instantly became intriguing to watch through their interesting choice of staging. Typically you’d have guitar and bass on opposite sides of the stage, with the frontman in the centre, right? I’d like to think you guys have at least seen a live video on YouTube being the music fanatics you are. However, in this instance, the frontman was stage left with the bassist occupying the centre.
Now there’s one and only one word that describes this band perfectly: Grunge. Gutterflower completely embody the genre, from ambiance to aesthetics. The band as a whole captures the entirety, especially with attire as while one member checked of the black shirt, sophisticatedly edgy, while another ticked off band shirt and jeans with the frontman in ripped skinnies and baggy jumper. Like I said, conquering every corner of the grunge wardrobe.
Musically, Gutterflower demonstrated their ability as professional musicians, with intricate arrangements whilst somehow managing to maintain the sense of simplicity that accompanies the grit of grunge. Particularly, a drop in their first song grasps the audience’s attention if not already having it. Notably, they seem to have acquired a drummer who knows how to play for the song rather than himself. Knowing when to hold back and how to serve the song. The type of drummer that is extremely hard to get hold of in this genre, as most want to bang their kit senseless, leaving no vocal space or room for guitar licks or hooks. Wouldn’t let go of him boys. Speaking of guitars, hooks were simple yet highly effective with a hauntingly mesmerising undertone. There was a slight dissonant tone, whether intentional or not I don’t know, but I personally loved it! Complimented the angst and moodiness perfectly. Vocal wise, the singer reminded me slightly of Gary Moore with a slight tinge to his voice, which works remarkably well with genre.  Although there was no speaking between the songs it oddly worked with this particular set, kinda aided the grunge moodiness.
Overall, their anthemic songs utilised instruments to maximum capacity the only thing missing from there set was a mosh pit, although at one point I did half expect them smash their instruments, but being students I don’t think they can afford to be THAT grunge yet. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
For fans of:
·      Goo Goo Dolls
·      Nirvana
I will be seeing them again. Will you?
Until next time,
Unpleasant dreams.

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