PLUNGE Into Hysteria.

Hello my pretties,
My oh my I’ve been a busy little pixie lately. So many bands eager to have Rebel Yell’s poison course through their veins. I’m being drowned in so much new music I feel like a junkie who has just stumbled into a top-secret lab; or a kid in a candy shop. However this morning my lovelies I’m only giving you a quick hit. A top up dose really. Which is perfect for the act in the spotlight today. Let me introduce to the stage Brighton-based quartet PLUNGE. They like their rock dirty, their psych with an Indian flavour and long walks on the beach. Let’s meet the boys shall we?
Left to right: James Ely (Guitar); Pat Tams (Vocals); Dan Ely
                   (Bass); Saul Sanderson (Drums).
Now when people usually say psych rock I think along the lines of the flower power peace loving 60’s, with The Beatles being at the forefront; or the slightly more rock ambiance fashioned by The Doors. However, PLUNGE exemplifies professional, seemingly effortless instrumentations, similar to Witches. Steady but slightly slacked to aid their listener in a trip-like experience.
On June 3rd PLUNGE released their debut video for their single “The End”. Now if the song isn’t trippy enough for you then check out the video! It’s truly a masterpiece! The song itself had me hooked in seconds with its mesmerising guitar line. Initially giving off the impression of if Nirvana and Sabbath had a secret love child, PLUNGE would be it. Tams’ vocals are full of so much grit and angst that they drag you under and keep you restrained as a willing hostage. As soon as you’re released you want to inflict it all over again; a trip you never want to come down from. Moreover, they demonstrate their talent as musicians with incorporating exotic, Indian-esk drones and melodies. My personal favourite part of the song being the teasing, yet unexpected, heavier turn that accents Tams’ incredible vocals; with a drop into guitars and defeated vocals. This is one of those songs that no matter how hard I try to paint you a vivid picture, you will never understand the true magnitude of its effect.
Keep up with PLUNGE on:
This is my new addiction. What’s yours?
Until next time,
Unpleasant dreams.

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