“Am I Pretty?”

Hello my pretties,

Would you look at this?! Being all fancy with our make over! We’ve traded in our patched up suits for a top hat and cane. All we have to do now is let the dust settle, the cobwebs be woven and it’ll be home sweet home in no time.

It seems every post I’ve done over the last year I end up apologising, or futilely attempting to explain one disappearance or another. I know how much you all crave my attention, but let’s be honest this gal is hard to keep tied down…yet I always end up crawling back to my faithful disciples who, of course, are anxiously awaiting my return with open arms. I have a little pledge to make to you my freaks, from now you will be receiving at least one post from me at the end of the month; to disclose some devilish details that are sure to tickle those tastebuds. I know, I know. “Once a month, Rebel what are you doing to us? We need more!” Trust me I know, but don’t forget this extraordinary creature is juggling work, university (my final year, meaning hopelessly scraping by to receive my official degree) a personal life (please don’t cry that you aren’t there for that), writing and recording an EP, as well as numerous other activities which I’m sure are important but seem to have escaped my mind for now…ah well if they’re THAT important they will come back to me I’m sure. These monthly posts aren’t necessarily including the sacrifical rituals…I mean gigs…I attend and share with you. These are little extras for you, aren’t I wonderful that way? To kickstart this sites new little heart Dovehouse are our opening act. They couldn’t be a more appropriate band to help this revamped look take flight, because you know doves…birds…flying…never mind!

So which of your creeps will I see at The Hope & Ruin this Wednesday? Headliners Asylums with our very own boys Dovehouse.

Until then, pleasant nightmares.

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