We Want More.

Hello my pretties,

Back again and so soon! Twenty fours and two posts?! I’m too good to you. See this token as an apology for being AWAL these last few months. But don’t get used to this special treatment! Can’t have you all become accustomed to the pampered lifestyle like little spoilt Chihuahua with its fake diamond collar and comfy handbag…I don’t even know, it’s been a long day so just roll with it!

So what wonderful new substance do I have for you to over indulge on today? Now I’m pretty sure you all know by now that I’m a punk kid at heart…I mean you should as our little love affair has hit a pretty serious stage. No?! Don’t you listen to anything I say? Gee, we’ll be having a serious talk about our relationship later, there are more pressing matters right now. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah! With pop punk/punk rock being the soundtrack of my adolescence, not only does the band I’m sharing with you today remind me of that – ya know the whole cliché nostalgia of where I came from where I started to discover myself etc. etc. gag and eye rolls all round – they remind me that despite initial expectations the genre was not a phase…not only in my life but in the industry too…as there are still artists striving to keep it breathing.
Ghouls and gals welcome Reckless Intentions to our wonderfully twisted family. Notably they formed in early 2016 and have already signed to Admiration Records. Trust me, being an artist or band in a global music hub like Brighton and getting signed at such an early stage in your career is not only extremely impressive, but also extremely rare. Now boys don’t be shy, introductions are in order. Here we have:

  • Matty Halliwell – Lead Vocal/Guitar/Keys
  • Laurence Burkitt – Bass
  • Jack Skates – Lead Guitar
  • Josh Woolnough – Drums

The boys recently have been scribbling, experimenting and recording high quality body of works entitled “Hold Onto Something Demos”. One track has been officially released on their SoundCloud (link below) and soon to be available on Spotify and iTunes; and you’re about to hear me ramble on about it – aren’t you a lucky bunch.

13164203_1086333581433134_3099303396661488719_nThe track immediately draws you in with it’s mesmerising guitar hook and steady, but highly intriguing drum pattern. However, the vocals make it seem almost like a lullaby numbing all senses until you reach a hauntingly beautiful state of mind. While I know the word “numbing” maybe an odd choice of terminology, but that was my first impression, if Novocaine was to be in a musical form this would be it. Again that may seem negative but this is what I love the most about the song, you can’t help but listen to every single detail, like pledging your allegiance to the song and not the reality you are currently in. Which arguably mirrors the lyric of “you’re in my head again” perfectly as this is exactly what this song does. It weaves itself into your head and entwines itself into your conscience.
Particularly the vocal reminds me of Blink 182’s attitude mixed with a very young Billie Joe Armstrong’s (Green Day) emotionally numb vocals of tracks such as 2000 Light-years Away and Christy Road – almost like he has hit a state of being emotionally numb but trying to cope with it through songs.

While on first listen you can get lost in the vocals and overall arrangement, if you continue to immerse yourself by hitting the repeat button like it is the dealer satisfying the ever-deepening addiction the band create, then you’d realise that these are talented musicians. Not only do the lyrics fashion such a vivid narrative; personally I imagine the protagonist in a smoke-filled room, surrounded by cigarette ends and empty bottles, in their emotionally numb state unwillingly remembering the little memories about the girl who left him, strumming an acoustic guitar without any passion, attempting to pen the confusion in his head into some understandable format…but then people say I have an overactive imagaination…as you can see they are wrong. Moving swiftly back to my previous point…not only do the band evoke that, but each instrument leaves space for the other, each part complimenting the other making the song work as a whole rather than a futile, patchwork piece – which is something easily done by most new artists trying to write for this genre. Although sounding simplistic and “catchy” seems like relatively easy task to complete it really isn’t. Most musicians conquer simplicity but in a dull manner that becomes too repetitive. However, Reckless Intensions manage to check these off with ease, with a raw intensity that you can’t help fall in love with.
Welcome to the family boys.

Listen to “Want More” right here and leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Check them out on their Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. As well as hearing latest tunes on SoundCloud.

What’s more, check the guys out at The Prince Albert, Brighton this Wednesday (2nd November). £4 on door. An event you don’t want to miss!


Until next time.

– Rebel Yell

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