Start as you mean to go on…

Hello my pretties,

How are we all this gloriously frosty morning? Manage to remain in your cocoons of duvets and blankets, ignoring the sun creeping through the curtains, and depriving the cold of another body to steal warmth from like the nocturnal creatures you are? Or are you like me and had to drag yourself out of bed, go through your usual morning routine, before wrapping up in a thousand and one layers to try and keep the cold out, yet it still manages to pierce through ever layer. So with numb fingers and blue lips cursing your dedication, you swear to any being living that if this class isn’t worth it…well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

As always I apologise profusely for my absence over the last few months. But one: it’s been Christmas and New Years…and two…well…just same old, oh-so-interesting life I lead keeping me from all you lovely creeps. Let’s get customary pleasantries out of the way, shall we? How were your Holidays? Get anything nice? Manage to maintain those tight-lipped smiles, and thank those relatives in a sickly sweet voice for a gift you’re STILL questioning why they saw it and thought of you? Also, see the New Year in? Or is it all a drunk haze, in which you just hope that your midnight romance was with that hot ghoul or gal you’ve been trying to impress all year? And finally, got your list of New Year’s resolutions, to finally maintain the mantra of ‘New Year, New Me’, but you know fully well you’ll be lucky if they last the week.

Okay now, all of those are out of the way. In regards to the titles: ‘Start as you mean to go on’ I have soooo many gigs lined up in the next few months. Started with Avenged Sevenfold last weekend. But last night marked my first local gig of 2017. And they were a gem. This is how I’ve started my 2017. And it’s only getting bigger and better! But let’s skip to the part you’re all really here for. We all know how you are here to simply bask in the aura that is my awesomeness, but let’s make it slightly educational shall we?

Right, I want to play a little game with you…don’t worry I won’t go all SAW on you. I mean I’m sick and twisted but not THAT sick and twisted! I’m going to throw a word at you and I want your initial reactions. No second-guessing or over-analysing. After all, wouldn’t want you hurting your pretty little selves by racking those precious brains too hard, would we?
Get set…
Yup…I guess…definitely…ooh never thought of that one…uh huh…sit down you at the back you’re drunk!
Right, so we covered the basics:
– Loud
– Aggressive
– Angsty
– Teenage bedroom drama
– Questionable references
– Controversial themes
– Gritty
– Nirvana basically.

Would you ever associate these with it, though?
– Has a prominent groove
– Melodic (in a sense)
– Organised chaos

No? Well, our friends at Gutterflower have all those down and more. You remember Gutterflower right? I mean you all hang on my every word after all and remember every single piece of wisdom I share with you. But seriously, they are the love child of Nirvana and Goo Goo Dolls, with a tad of genetic modification by Gary Moore (his solo era of course).

Now, these wonderful oddities played a little show at Brighton’s Prince Albert Pub. They managed to drag me out of the warm confines of my home and take a train just to witness this phenomenon. That and to make sure I hadn’t died from over-eating at Christmas, over-drinking at New Years and over-stressing with the handful of classes I’ve had since restarting the term. See I didn’t just go off the grid with you guys, so don’t take TOO much offense!

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again (you have no idea how much restraint it is taking not to finish that sentence with a line from one of my all-time favourite films, but I don’t think most of you will get it, and let’s be honest I detour enough as it is without an extra distraction) I love how they present themselves, particularly on stage. I know what you’re thinking, “but Rebel Grunge is so pure and natural it’s not made up to be anything but bedroom musicians rolling out of bed, lighting up then playing a show. Half drunk, half bored with their existence”. Oh my dear, young, precious Jedi’s you have a hell of a lot to learn about Rock ‘n’ Roll (totally not stolen from a Jim Steinman song…whoops). But seriously, every genre has a certain look, from suits and ties to lipstick and leather. Grunge is no exception to this rule. To successfully nail the look of mismatched misfits yet still look like a unit…a strong one at that…is a chore and a half, whether the band know that or not…or just think “right this is the only clean shirt I have” or “ahh I’m on in 10 minutes!” followed by grabbing that shirt on that chair that hordes all clothes we’re too lazy to put away. ORRRR “But I wear this kinda thing every day”…yes, Eli, I’m looking at you. THE POINT IS ya know the line “it doesn’t matter what they look like it’s the music that matters”…yeah that’s a fallacy…sorry folks. The truth is they go hand in hand, and Gutterflower are doing it right.

Believe it or not, that entire passage was a detour from my initial point. So let’s rewind a tad, shall we? One thing I love about Gutterflower is their staging. It’s something I have yet to see any other band do. And this is the thing I always point out and that is, instead of the traditional diamond shape staging (drummer background; frontman foreground; bassist and lead on either side) Gutterflower play in a line…kinda…well drums still in the background and frontman in the foreground…now I never said it was a straight line! ANYWAYS THE POINT IS, it makes the audience feel like they are sitting in a band rehearsal rather than merely being spectators to musicians who believe they are untouchable.

So if you want to vent your frustration, go to an adrenaline fuelled atmosphere with a Kurt Cobain/Gary Moore style frontman. Head to a Gutterflower gig. I promise you’ll never regret it.

Keep updated with the band on their Facebook; Soundcloud; Instagram; Twitter. So ya know the usual social media platforms, and their fancy website:

Plus I’ll be there, which is ALWAYS a bonus!

Well, until next time.
– Rebel Yell.

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